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Artificial Grass Dubai is one of the important things for your outdoor and indoor enhancement. We are the leading supplier of high-quality artificial grass in Dubai. Visit our shop to choose the best Astroturf with different thicknesses and shade options. Enjoy lasting fake grass at fair rates.

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UAE’s Top Leading Brand For Artificial Grass in Dubai is a leading brand in the UAE that offers the most premium-grade artificial grass Dubai with the finest build quality and endless performance.

Our sublime standard astro turf in Dubai is an expertly crafted, low-VOC, and completely green synthetic product that tends to last for the longest periods without any heavy upkeep.

Artificial Grass Dubai
Artificial Grass Dubai


Adorn Your Place With Out Premium Artificial Grass in Dubai

Our premium-grade artificial grass is the best approach to adorn any space in a completely natural and eye-catching manner. This astroturf has great floor decor and is versatile enough for indoor or outdoor use. It offers the beauty perks of natural grass but with the advantages of nearly zero expenses and maintenance.

Artificial Grass Dubai

Get 10mm-50mm Thickness Artificial Grass Dubai For Small Backyard

We serve you with the best quality yet cheap astro turf in Dubai so you can enjoy a great home decor experience with our company. So get connected with our experts and avail reliable services at reasonable rates in the entire region of the UAE. We stay one step ahead to help you get the ideal stuff for your places.

Stain And Dirt Resistance

Our Artificial Grass Dubai is adamant against staining and buildup and efficiently retains its lustrous profile for years straight.

No Extra Care

One reason for the increased demand for our soft carpeting is that it doesn’t require a major maintenance routine.

Zero Toxicity

Fake grass provided by us is a wholly green and non-toxic product and is safe to be around, i.e. entirely kid and pet friendly.

Timeless Quality

Our premium-grade artificial grass is the most favorable and long-term durable product that sustains for longer periods

We Offer Range of Artificial Grass Landscaping Services

We’ve got you the most incredible spectrum of high-grade and long-lasting Artificial Grass Dubai at amazing discounts, and you’ll find this wondrous element to be the best home improvement.

Expert Installation

Our professionals know expert artificial grass installation to entertain you with a smooth floor finishing.

Comprehensive Services

We provide the most precise service spectrum of astroturf installation for all settings.

Every-Hour Availability

Our online team handles your orders by ensuring every tick availability.

On-Time Delivery

The quick delivery performance of our enthusiastic team is hyped in the entire UAE.

Attractive Discounts

Attractive seasonal discounts are on board for our grass services to meet your requirements.

Customer Care

Connect with us to stay updated and resolve all your queries.


Browse Our Stylish Wall Artificial Grass For A Ravishing Interior 

The functional turf product of our brand completely fulfills the purpose of creating an Artificial Grass Dubai wall design within a reasonable price range. Styling the attached wall of your lawn with this fake grass wall can elevate the entire look of the spot plus also offers a refreshing look to the viewer’s eyes.

Amazing Benefits of Our Artificial Grass in Dubai


Astroturf Dubai provides a plush surface underfoot, and it’s a way better idea than natural grass, given its timelessness.


Our fake grass in Dubai is designed to elevate the entire interior or exterior look with its attractive appearance.


Our exquisitely designed artificial grass UAE retains its luxurious looks even with a low-maintenance routine.

Best Artificial Grass For Balcony in Dubai


Hire Trusted Artificial Grass Suppliers & Wholesaler Across UAE

Our team features an experienced staff to help you with incredible Artificial Grass Dubai for walls at low rates. We are focused on serving highly functional artificial green grass in UAE for your balconies. These are designed to be extra fluffy and offer the best walking space for your area. It does not increase foot aches and instantly captures the visitor’s attention.

Durable And Elegant

The fake flooring turf we offer can maintain its looks for years with a low cleaning need.

No Sunrays And Water Requirements

Unlike real grass, plush artificial balcony grass doesn’t get dried with no sunlight and water.


Cheap Synthetic Grass Installation for Terrace & Rooftops – Upto 20% OFF 

Our range of lawn fake grass comes in a variety to elevate the appearance of your space. You can now get reliable turf from our artificial grass Dubai shop in the form of sheets, mats, and tiles to match the required level of your lawn. Style your lawn with fake grass that is functional and looks fascinating with no demand for extra care.

Artificial Grass Dubai


Need An Outdoor Fake Grass Carpet At 24 Hours TAT?

Hire our experts at any hour with only an online tap to enjoy our cheap and remarkable artificial grass services right at your door step.

We Manufacture 100+ Varieties of Artificial Grass Dubai

Artificial Grass Dubai
artificial grasss for rooftops
Artificial Grass Dubai
artificial grasss for wall
Artificial Grass Dubai
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Avail Our Artificial Grass for Sports Fields, Playgrounds & Courts

Our company offers unique textures to fascinate you with the finest turf for a specific area. The reason behind the endless variety of our artificial grass in dubai is to add ease while choosing the functional one to enhance your space’s appearance. For a sports area’s functional carpeting, our experts have added a blend to add an increment to provide you with high stability and strong flooring quality. Take a look at our highlighted sports area turf features.

Extra Fluff

Perfect Subfloor Adhesion

Easy Maintenance Needs

Luxurious Shade Ranges

No Staining

High Stability Factor

Greater Durability

Bear Heavy Loads

Sports Artificial Grass Dubai
Balcony Artificial Grass Dubai


8 Benefits of Our Artificial Green Grass For Balcony Area

Our balcony area turf attains maximum functionality to make you pleased with the necessary flooring comfort. Also, there is no need to remove the subfloor for the installation of our fake grass. Better to get the existing surface cleaned and use a proper adhesive for the stabilized turf flooring because balanced flooring is always preferable in a balcony space.

The best Artificial Grass Dubai provides a cushioning effect under the feet that doesn’t allow fiber loss if it is properly entertained with essential care. Some benefits of our luxurious turf are written below.

Allow Maximum Firmness

Attractive Decor Looks

Strengthen Fibre Bulk

No-Need Of Water

Highly Heat-Resistant

No Flat-Fiber Appearance

No Sudden Patch-Loss

Easy Maintenance Demand


Customers Reviews


Expert Team-Members


Best Performance Awards


Completed Projects

Astro Turf Vs Artificial Grass


Astro Turf

Used for sports fields

Made from nylon or polypropylene fibers

Short pile height

Can withstand heavy foot traffic

Difficult to clean and maintain

Less expensive


Artificial Grass

Made to resemble natural grass

Made from polyethylene and polypropylene

Both short to long pile height

Can withstand heavy foot traffic

Easy to clean & maintain

Price depends on the material quality


See Our Range Of Services For Artificial Grass Dubai

The endless services we offer for fake grass carry a reasonable rate sticker to meet your needs. Our professionals cover the entire area of the United Arab Emirates to serve incredible services instantly at your doorstep.

Reasonable Price Tags

Our customers appreciate our brand because of the easy-to-go
price range we demand with our reliable fake grass services.

Instant Services

Get connected with us to enjoy the all-time quick services of our brand
all across the UAE.

Our Advanced Working

We have the expertise to provide well for all artificial grass requirements
and settings.

Quick Deliveries

The professional team of our brand always
delivers your turf orders on time to skip your bad reviews.

Free Sample And Catalog

We are the only artificial grass Dubai supplier in UAE with the every-hour
availability of free catalog and sampling services at your place.

Professional Installation

Our services ensure the smoothest and most flawless
floor finishing with expert techniques.


We Provide Customized Solution For Artificial Turf 

The enthusiastic professionals of our platform prioritize our client’s needs, which is why we offer customized fake grass with different fiber lengths and thicknesses to meet your need chart. Look at the versatility of our product below.

Artificial Grass 20mm


20 mm Thickness

Best Artificial Grass Sample


30 mm Thickness

Best Artificial Grass Sample

Best Selling

40 mm Thickness

Best Artificial Grass Sample

Pet Friendly

50 mm Thickness

Artificial Grass Suppliers


Get 100% Pure Green Decoration With Our Artificial Grass Dubai

We are the best artificial grass suppliers in Dubai, with an endless variety of shades and fiber options at an affordable price limit. You can avail of all our services with a single snap and no delay.


Artificial Grass Gallery

The soft-form gallery we have plotted below clearly shows our professional team’s efforts that are sufficient to wipe out every ambiguity from your mind related to the availability of our fake grass collection.

Artificial Grass Dubai
Artificial Grass Dubai
Artificial Grass Dubai
Artificial Grass Dubai
Best Artificial Grass Installer
Playground Artificial Grass

15 Years


Unique Reasons To Work With

Best Artificial Grass Dubai is a top-notch brand that quickly serves high-quality fake turf and remarkable services at your doorsill. We ensure the availability of our staff for every tick so that you can get entertained better with no inconvenience. The major artificial grass services we provide our customers are bulleted to be more prominent.

Customized Fake Grass

Get customized fake grass carpeting to complete the requirements of your place with a minor price change.

Free-Sampling And Catalog

Our free sampling and catalog service is all right in that you can get to your place with an instant approach by contacting us.


How To Avail Best Artificial Grass Dubai Services

We are working with the best approach to serve you quick but top-quality fake grass services in the entire United Arab Emirates. Three steps have been highlighted here to make you understand our reliable working method.

Send Requests

You can send us requests to book our artificial turf services in Dubai.

Instant Get-Back

Our experts quickly respond to you back to fulfill your needs.

Quick Packaging

We pack your parcel with our free catalog and make it go your way.

How our Clients Rate Us

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Frequently Asked Questions

Artificial grass is a synthetic turf made from plastic fibers designed to resemble natural grass. It is an excellent alternative to natural grass, especially in areas where maintaining natural grass is challenging or impossible. Unlike natural grass, artificial grass doesn’t need watering, mowing, or fertilizing.

Artificial grass can last up to 15-20 years or more, depending on the quality and the frequency of usage. Regular maintenance is crucial to ensure the longevity of the turf. The maintenance required includes brushing and sweeping the turf to remove debris and dirt, washing the turf periodically, and checking the infill levels.

Artificial grass can be installed on any surface, including concrete, soil, or even rooftops. However, the installation process may vary depending on the surface. Generally, the installation involves preparing the surface, laying the base material, laying the turf, trimming and joining the edges, and adding infill to provide support and cushioning.

Artificial grass installation offers several benefits, including water conservation, low maintenance, durability, and versatility. It is an excellent alternative to natural grass, especially in areas with water scarcity, extreme weather conditions, or limited space. It also adds aesthetic appeal to any outdoor or indoor area.

No, there is no need to remove the entire subfloor of the place; a professional artificial turf installation service is required to get smooth flooring to add a comfortable walking space that is necessary to minimize the foot aches.

While it’s possible to install artificial grass yourself, it’s recommended to hire a professional installer. Professional installers have the experience, expertise, and tools required to ensure a flawless installation. They can also advise you on the best type of artificial grass for your needs and budget. Hiring a professional will save you time, money, and hassle in the long run.

Yes, we offer different fiber textures, fiber lengths, and variant thicknesses for artificial turf to meet the requirements of our beloved customers with a little price increment in the entire United Arab Emirates.

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