7 Tips for Artificial Grass Care and Maintenance

One of the best ways to have an evergreen lawn is by installing artificial grass. Artificial grass can make your lawn look luxurious without tireless commitment. The care and maintenance of artificial grass is much easier than natural grass and you won’t need any professional help for it. But, unlike real grass, the spills and stains on the artificial grass need to be taken care of. Here we will explore 7 tips for artificial grass care and maintenance.

Top 7 Maintenance Tips for Artificial Grass 

Gather The Right Equipment

You need to gather the right equipment for the maintenance of artificial grass. We have made a list of equipment that would be required to clean your grass.

  • Hose: It should extend far enough so you can wash all the turf fiber in your lawn.
  • Leaf Blower: You can use a leaf blower to remove all the leaves from your turf.
  • Rake: Rake can prevent the artificial grass from matting down.
  • Push Broom: It can be used to sweep the artificial grass to help the fibers stand strong.

Clean Stains Properly

Sometimes the dirt, debris, and stains on the artificial grass need more than just rinsing. It is crucial to clean the spills and stains immediately whether they are from juice or something more heavily soiled. If the stain sets in the turf it would be very hard to get it out. You should know how to clean the stains properly.

You can lift the dried-out stains with a knife or scraper. Then, you can clean it with a mild cleaner. You should choose cleaners that do not contain abrasive chemicals. One DIY is to use diluted household detergent. Rub the stains with the solution until it lifts, then rinse it with cold water. This tip can help you remove the stains. Remember not to use any acidic cleaners as they will fade the colors of your artificial grass.

Clean Dust And Debris Regularly

One of the most common solutions to maintain your turf is by claiming the dirt and debris regularly. Twigs, leaves, and soil on your grass can be seen easily. You should remove them every day, especially in the fall season or if there is a dust storm. If there is any other debris, it should be collected and removed immediately. The dirt on the artificial grass can block the small spots of drainage and create the condition for bacteria to thrive. So it is very important to clean the turf regularly.

Hose Down The Turf

You cannot completely remove dirt or debris only with a rake. You also need to use a garden hose to wash your artificial grass. Use any detergent or other solution and rinse it with water. This will prevent your lawn from odors and keep it clean. Hose down the turf in light pressure so it won’t damage the synthetic fibers.

Remove The Weed

Weeds can grow very quickly on artificial grass. They can grow from the seeds carried by the birds, plants, or winds. You can gently pull out the weed along with its roots to remove them from the turf. Weeds can poke through the artificial grass. You can use a mild weed killer, use a vinegar solution, or sprinkle salts on the weeds to remove them. If there are very few weeds, you should pull them out instead of using a weed killer.

Clean Pet Waste Immediately

Using artificial grass is a great choice if you have pets at your house. Your dog can even pee on the turf and it won’t create many issues. You need to be careful to keep your lawn area clean and in a good condition. You can remove the pet’s waste by using paper towels and rinse the artificial grass later. Ensure that your artificial grass has antimicrobial infill. It will prevent the odor and make your lawn hygienic.

Don’t Misuse Your Turf

You should be very careful not to leave your cigarettes on the synthetic fibers of your artificial grass. Otherwise, you will have to replace your turf sooner. The restoration process of the synthetic fibers can be costly. So it is a good practice to not misuse your artificial grass. The smoke can leave an odor and may dull the color of your grass. Cigarettes that are not put out properly can damage your turf. Your lawn furniture should have pads on the bottom so it would not damage the grass.


Following these 7 tips for artificial grass care and maintenance is very easy. You need to take proper care of your grass for its longevity. Make sure to remove the debris from it regularly. Lightly brushing the high-traffic areas and removing the spills immediately can help to protect your beautiful grass. We have explored 7 essential tips to take care of your artificial grass that can save you time and money.

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